Welding Column & Boom

Welding Column & Boom

"Welding Column & Boom" is also known as Welding Head Manipulator.

The welding head is mounted at one end of the Boom while there is an option to mount the wire spool at either end of the boom. In case of medium and heavy duty boom Rack and Pinion with counter weight arrangement provides vertical movement. A sturdy wire rope compactly holds the counterweight and boom assembly. Anti-fall security is inbuilt in every model. All the column and boom models are provided with Rack and Pinion for the movement of Horizontal Boom Drive.

"Welding Column & Boom" is available in three models

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    • Double Column Griding Machine

    • Double Column VMC with 5 Face Machining Center

    • High Precision HMC

    • CMM 900 X 1200 X 800 with CNC Probe

    Awards and Recognition

    • District Industrial Award

    • FIE Foundation Award

    • MCCI Industrial Merit Prize

    • Vikas Ratna Award


    We are associated with Maharashtra group since the year 2000. They have supplied more than 50 SPMs to us of various types and operations. Mr. Wadikar is a technically sound technocrat and his entire team is quite expert in all stages of SPMs- design, manufacturing, trouble-shooting, and service. They have all the manufacturing facilities and infrastructure in-house which helps them maintain the delivery period and quality. They also provide us support for reconditioning and conversion of old SPMs of their own make as well as other makes. They are one of the best SPM manufacturers in India and we expect to continue buying SPMs from them for many years to come.
    Anand Deshpande, President Sound Castings Pvt Ltd, Kagal, India

    Maharashtra make machine supplied at M&M engine P.U. working successfully from installation. Also your customer centricity is excellent. Quality & Delivery period of your machine is also competitive.
    Vipul Parikh, Automotive division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

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    Time-tested solid design concepts is our core strength. A talent pool of 20 design engineers and our state-of-the-art CAD CAM design facility rest assures you get the best of designs.

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